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Single vision


Single vision lenses have a single prescription throughout the lens and are used for distance vision, near vision( ie: reading), Intermediate vision (ie: computer).

Lenses can be standard (1.496 index)

Thin and Light Lenses (1.6 index)  also known as High Index Lenses( include anti-reflexion coating)

Super thin Lenses 1.67index

Ultimate Thin . 1.74 index

Our eye sight evolve through out our life time. As we age,  we loose our ability to focus on closed objects. At around forty, the muscles responsible for the control of our eyes are not as strong  as they were in our youth. More over, the lenses in our eyes become stiff. The vision becomes blurry specially when we read or use the computer. That process is called Presbyopia.

Most people tend to keep books, tablets or any other reading material as far away as possible in other to see clearly.

The best way to remedy to that situation is to have either reading spectacles, bifocal or varifocal.

- Reading glasses: used for reading and possibly computer.You need to know that distance object will be blurred. patient might need to carry two pairs all the time if they need any form of correction for distance vision.

-Bifocal lenses might not be cosmetically attractive for some because the lens is divided into two area. The top one for distance and the bottom one for reading (generally)

- The most common option is  Varifocal lenses. because it can be used to correct distance, reading and intermediate prescription.

Bifocal Lenses

They are mainly used for patients who cannot see in the distance as well as close up.

The lens has two parts: the top part for distance vision and the bottom one for close up.

The lens has a visible line of demarcation between the distance and the reading.

They can be tricky when the patient need  to use computers.


Varifocal Lenses

You can have separate pairs of glasses. One for distance use and one for reading. swapping between the two on a daily basis can be inconvenient. Don't despair. You can have

Cosmetically, varifocal lenses look like single vision as they do not have any visible line 

between the distance and the near vision.  One of their huge benefits is that

they can be used easily for computer with a natural head posture compare to bifocal

where the patient may be required to move his/her chin up and get closer in order see clearly. With bifocal patients may end up with a stiff neck when using a computer.




Lens enhancements

scratch Resistant coating.

Protects the lenses from any possible accident without compromising it's clarity. All the lenses supplied by Specsglasses are scratch resistant coated.

Anti-Reflction coating.

Light reflects on the lens surface at around 10% . That reflection does not appear  attractive and can even be disturbing for the patient.

Anti-reflection coating enhances the lens appearance and allow for clearer vision by reducing the reflection down to 0.2%, allowing 99.8% of light through

At Specglasses we offer anti-reflection coating lenses that are adapted to the latest technology. Easy to clean with anti-static property and hydrophobic.





Standard single vision                                                                       £5


Standard bifocal lenses                                                                    £ 30

Bifocal segment  - D-28                                                                    £30

                                R-24                                                                   £30                  

                                C-28                                                                   £30                              


basic varifocal lenses                                                                        £60

Premium varifocal lenses                                                                  £115

Customeyes  varifocal lenses ( essilor, Nikon, Hoya)                      £195


Lens treatment (Extra)


Scratched Resistant coating                                                               free                                                                                  

Anti-reflection Coating.                                                                         £25

Blue Shield                                                                                            £45

Photochromic Lenses                                                                           £60

photochromic extractive                                                                       £70

Polarizing Lenses Brown                                                                      £60

Polarizing Len

Tint  Light Grey + UV                                                                             £15

Tint Dark Grey  + UV                                                                             £15

Tint Light Brown + UV                                                                            £15

Tint Dark Brown  + UV                                                                           £15                                                                                        

Ultra Violet Filter                                                                                     £10


Thin Lenses

Polycarbonate lenses (1.59)                                                                    £25

Thin and light lenses(1.6 )                                                                        £40.

Extra thin and Light ( 1.67)                                                                       £55

Super thin and light (1.74)                                                                         £80


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